Trek Debuts the E-Caliber 9.9, a $13,000 E-Mtb That Costs $13,000

Trek Debuts the E-Caliber 9.9, a $13,000 E-Mtb That Costs $13,000

Trek Debuts the E-Caliber 9.9, a ,000 E-Mtb That Costs ,000

Okay, alright, the major of the line make for Trek’s new e-Caliber is technically $12,499, so we rounded up a little, but with tax and quite possibly shipping, you’re cozying up upcoming to $13 grand. There is an “entry”-degree model that runs about $6,500 much too, for those people out there on a “budget.”

So what is it?

It’s an electrical edition of Trek’s Supercaliber, a XC race device that can be developed out at about 21 lbs, a weight so gentle it may now experience as while it has a motor. The e-Caliber has the exact 60mm of rear journey, and a slightly more time 120mm fork than the Supercaliber’s 100mm entrance squish.

It takes advantage of a Fazua Evation motor, which however I haven’t ridden a bicycle powered by one particular of these before, is supposed to be whisper tranquil. Max energy is 250w, mid is 210w, and minimal is 100w, although the configurations are named Breeze, River, and Rocket in ascending energy purchase. With that 250wh battery, you get a array of anywhere from 20ish to 50ish miles depending on about a gazillion distinctive aspects.

Cool: the battery and motor are a person stable device that weighs 7 lbs . and can be taken out totally from the downtube, providing you a kinda light-weight human-powered bicycle.

Not awesome: the two best spec models never include dropper posts, though the bottom spec ones do.

Oh, suitable, the weight. What does a just about $13k bike purchase you in conditions of bodyweight savings, rather talking of course considering that this is an e-bike? The major trim weighs just 34.8 pounds. Which raises the problem: Who is this bike for? Are there that many XC riders out there who love heading fast but will get the e-guidance? Maybe. But then, wouldn’t you just get a limited-vacation trail bicycle because the motor can press additional bicycle? Trek looks to assume there are more than enough XC riders who want the juice to plop down some significant coin, and they’d know improved than me. A person ought there need to invest in one, and bank loan it to us for a entire exam.

– Justin Housman

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