Thousands of Euros for Sex: Influencers Reveal!

Thousands of Euros for Sex: Influencers Reveal!

Daily offers from strangers for pay-per-view are top social media influencers, as they complain, with the line between prostitution and the exploitation of transient fame becoming ever thinner in Instagram. It is not easy to be treated like escorts Athens if you are not!

According to one of them, social media has come up with a kind of ‘list’ for wealthy men to choose their next conquest.

“It’s a cutting-edge prostitution, it’s scary if you think about it: if they sent a message to me, they would have sent the same message to thousands of beautiful girls on Instagram,” says the famous Instagramer Tyne-Lexy Clarson, who has 421,000 followers. .

Clarson was just 19 years old when she accepted her first immoral proposal, like call girls Greece, which included a dinner and drink outlet for 25,000 euros.

However, after joining British reality show Love Island, an agency contacted her by email, offering her nearly 60,000 euros for five nights in Dubai. The proposal included a confidentiality pact, stressing that the details of her travel obligations should remain confidential.

Tyne-Lexy says it has rejected the offer, but fears other influencers, who are not equally able to receive luxurious gifts simply because of their online influence, may prove more vulnerable to such proposals.

“For some people it’s a lot of money, money that changes your life.”

Everyday temptation

Rossie Williams, who played her third season on Love Island, says she was offered around € 120,000 plus clothes and shoes for a whole year to accompany a man to Dubai.

To confirm it, it shows one of the recent messages he received from a man claiming to be there. In his message he refers to a “significant transaction”, a common phrase in such proposals.

She says she would never be tempted, despite the large sum.

Rosie says it’s one side of the brand she didn’t expect: “We knew we were going to be trolled, that our lives would change dramatically, but you never imagined there would be men who would want to buy you.”

The two women spoke on BBC television, revealing many of the messages they had received.

Approaches vary

Men directly offering rewarding sex, to agendas communicating on behalf of a wealthy client. The show also anonymously contacted a person claiming to be a British reality star, saying she was offered £ 10,000 for sex as part of a holiday package.

Isabel says the first proposal she received was from a man 10 years older than her, who approached her after appearing on a television show.

“At first I was offered branded bags. He had a fetish to show his financial comfort and, as he told me, would motivate him to spend hundreds of pounds on bags for my sake, “he explained. At that time I had a hard time keeping track of my followers. That’s why I believe I accepted the offer. ”

After 18 months of talking daily through social media, she was looking forward to getting to know him. “When we met it was really enjoyable. At dinner we started drinking and he asked me about my finances. I explained to him that I owe 5,000 pounds. He said ‘Have sex with me and I’ll give you double’.

Isabel admits to climbing into his hotel room. “I felt a mixture of degradation, annoyance for myself, abuse.”

He denies, however, that this is a form of prostitution. “It’s a targeted relationship that evolves over time. In my mind prostitution is when you agree with a stranger for a fee. ”
And men

The feminist organization Object, which organizes campaigns on the sexual trafficking of women, says it is understandable why women accept these “extremely attractive” offers.

“The women involved don’t want to hear the word ‘prostitution.’ The truth, however, is that they sell their bodies for money, like escorts girls do”

However, it is not only women who accept such proposals. Celebrity Agent Rob Cooper says men who are known through social media often receive paid sex offers.

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