PrimaLoft's PURE Is a Breakthrough in Sustainable Performance

PrimaLoft’s PURE Is a Breakthrough in Sustainable Performance

PrimaLoft's PURE Is a Breakthrough in Sustainable Performance

Preferred Science journal lately launched a 2020 list of Most effective of What’s New Awards and, in the athletics and outdoors category, PrimaLoft’s new P.U.R.E insulation snagged the honors. Ordinarily, synthetic insulation manufacturing necessitates enormous, strength-intense ovens to soften bonding fibers inside of the content. PrimaLoft’s new Generated Using Lessened Emissions system does absent with the ovens solely, applying air only, by some means, to pressure the fibers to bond. It’s a drastic reduction in carbon emissions creation for the company—48% fewer to be specific.

PrimaLoft CEO Mike Joyce explained to Innovation in Textiles that the P.U.R.E. method was four decades in the generating. As PrimaLoft seemed for ways to reduce the influence of artificial insulation manufacturing, they by now understood recycled fiber product was key, but as soon as they hit on doing away with strength-sucking ovens from the equation, they have been equipped to see that drastic 48% reduction in emissions.

For now, PrimaLoft P.U.R.E. is available only in the Patagonia Nano Puff, new for Slide 2020. When as opposed to past year’s Nano Puff, the new product with P.U.R.E. generates 52% less carbon emissions for Patagonia to make.

I have one, just in time for chilly temps in Northern California and I’m delighted to report the jacket is specifically the same, in phrases of efficiency, as any other Nano Puff I’ve worn. Which is the idea—sustainably generated components that really do not differ at all from the far more carbon intense versions we’re currently made use of to. It’s a huge plenty of offer that PopSci caught on, was amazed, and honored PrimaLoft for figuring it out.

You can purchase the Nano Puff with P.U.R.E., in this article. $199

-Justin Housman

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