High school private lessons

High school private lessons

In the final stretch before the “transition” to Higher Education –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα–, parents and students are “looking” to “respond” in the best possible way to the need for better support and the ultimate success of a child who wants to claim with admission in a School of a Higher Institution.

With the “battle” of points becoming more and more difficult and more demanding, from the last classes of High School, “help” is sought outside the classroom in order to better prepare for the test of the Panhellenic Examinations.

The basic options are two: The support of the student through private lessons at home by a “known” (with or without quotes) Teacher or his inclusion in a tutoring department that follows a specific program throughout the year. And if for many the answer to the question “Private or Tutoring?” is “obviously the first”, in the end the issue may not be as simple as it seems.

Tutoring does not necessarily mean a class of… 10 people!

Most parents and students have combined the word “Tutoring” with a multi-member class! And yet, the new “trend” in tutoring education “gives” other solutions, one of which is the choice of a student to study in a small group of up to 3 people!

“The number is not random”, notes Mr. Makaratzis, “since with the small part of the three we achieve the ideal combination of personalized teaching and the necessary” socialization “of the student, which is a key component of final success, since the the learner communicates his / her questions better and more effectively through his / her classmates “.

The quality of the course

In the private lesson, the teacher is usually known or even a relative! “As a result”, says Mr. Makaratzis, “the lesson often degenerates αφού, since the teaching becomes a” tear “of school exercises! At the same time, we often see a mathematician teaching γη a little physics or chemistry about which he knows nothing more than… his school knowledge!

“In the tutoring groups, the teachers not only have proven experience but also absolute specialization in their subject, but they are evaluated daily by ourselves and by the students, while in addition they are the same personal note writers who methodize and organize the lesson”, he adds Mr. Makaratzis, informing us that AWARENESS, for example, prints and teaches its own books!

The “convenient” program as an αιο excuse

It is true that the “turn” in the private lesson is done by many parents simply because it… convenient! The rhythms of the time and the increased professional obligations often show, as a one-way street, the choice of teaching at home in hours that do not “disrupt” the daily life, mainly of the parents, but also of the students. But what consequences does this have for the quality of the course?

The “adjustment” of the program based on the needs of the student-parent “leads” to an… irregular program which also often changes! For example, the math teacher may come home at 18:00 to 19:30 and after one hour, 20:30 to 21:30 the report teacher may come. Many times, each teacher is selected based on his σι availability and not his experience or transmissibility!

“In tutoring groups, the timetable is compact. For example, from 16:00 to 18:30 there are three teaching hours “, notes Mr. Makaratzis. “Because there are few students – up to three – the tutoring center forms from the beginning a program that serves all students according to their obligations, leaving them free time during the day for other activities (music, sports or other)”, he adds .

The competitions and the “preparation” for the final exams

In private lessons, competitions are not held! If they are made – a rare thing – then they have nothing to do with a “real” competition due to the conditions but also the possibilities that the comfort of the home environment “gives”.

“In a tutoring group, there are about… 18 to 20 competitions in each school year, except for the tests in each lesson, and we are talking about weighted three hours that have as a model the form of the Panhellenic Examinations” informs Mr. Makaratzis who also emphasizes that “students become acquainted with the process practically but also psychologically, gaining a decisive experience”.

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