7 reasons to change your washing machine!

Because most of us are neither plumbers, like υδραυλικοί Αθήνας, nor craftsmen, it is not easy for us to understand when the problem of our washing machine is so serious that it cannot be repaired and we have to replace it. On the other hand, its age can be a sign of change, as there are now many new technologies that are worth trying as they offer less power, water and detergent consumption, but also functions that will make its use much easier and the result much better.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why you might need to change your washing machine, starting with the problems and ending with the new technologies:

1. Extensive leakage

A leaking washing machine is usually the clearest sign that there is a problem. Usually, the problem is due to either overflow or some pipe disconnection. The overflow may be due to the fact that if you have an old appliance, they used the same amount of water regardless of the load. If you want to fix it, you may need to reduce the number of clothes you put in the bin at each wash.

If that’s not enough, the pipe at the back of the washing machine may be out of place either due to excessive vibration or loosening of the connections. In this case, call a technician to tell you exactly what to do. Or, even better, start saving money to buy a new washing machine that will have better water management and new pipes.


2. Excessive noise

If every time you put on a washing machine it seems that your device is getting ready to take off and “conquer the ethers”, it is more likely that it is not well supported and has a balance problem, something that is relatively easy to fix by adjusting the feet that -usually- have washing machines at the bottom to balance the weight. There are also rubber supports on the market just to absorb the vibrations that can help. But if the noise persists, or reappears after a while, it’s best to look for it before it gets worse.

If the washing machine does not have adjustable feet try to place it in a place, or platform (commercially available washing machine bases), where all four feet are on the same level, while if you have a washing machine with the opening above stop the program and try to move the clothes so that they are better distributed by weight. If none of this seems effective, it means that either the bucket or the washing machine motor has been loosened and requires tightening, so a technician is needed. Because there is a possibility that the cost will be relatively high in this case as well, it may be better to change the device.

 3. It takes “walks”

A classic sign that something is wrong is when your washing machine starts to move (not the sharp jerk). This is one of the most important signs that you need a new washing machine, but let’s see if you can do something to fix it. A first step is to try again to adjust the legs of the washing machine so that they are all on the same level and generally follow exactly what you did in the previous problem.

If this does not fix the problem, then – probably – you need to make a change, since a moving washing machine is a risk and water leakage can create, but also disconnect its pipes.

 4. Water does not fill the bucket

If the washing machine bucket is not filled with water, there may be a delay in the washing cycle, a crack in the supply pipe, or an issue with the hot or cold water supply itself. If you check it and none of the above solves the problem, then you need the help of a technician.

In the same context, another problem with the washing machine bucket – beyond the water – may be that it does not turn as it should. In this case, you will still need a technician, since – probably – this is a damage to the belt or the shock absorbers. Here, perhaps, we are dealing with a case where it will be difficult to save the laundry change.

5. Your washing machine is over eight years old

Although the average lifespan of modern washing machines is 11 years, it would be good when your washing machine turns 8 to start looking for your next washing machine. This is because the closer the washing machine is to the end of its life cycle, the higher the cost of repairs and the slower you spend more and more instead of saving money, so it makes more sense to spend your money on one. a new device from being educated with repairs, especially if the washing machine is a device that you use a lot.


 6. You have an old washing machine with the opening on top

In this case, the cost of repairs increases dramatically compared to front-loading washing machines. The reason is that the spare parts required by these washing machines are much more expensive than the others, and it is not uncommon to hear that the cost of repairing such a washing machine reaches half its original price. On the other hand, when looking for your new washing machine, it is a good idea not to prefer a washing machine with an opening at the top, unless you have a small amount of laundry to wash. These washing machines They may have a low starting price, but they consume more water and have a problem with repairs, while you will not often see that some of the modern technologies are integrated.

7. But the main reason is the many new technologies

We live in a time when washing machines have become much better, to such an extent that they “loosen” your hands, without the need to spend a “fortune”. Even the most expensive models with the most modern features, no matter how expensive, offer some features that, in the long run, save you some money, while they clearly have more ecological features.

A typical case is the technology that allows the washing machine to choose the amount of detergent on its own and not only. This system has been implemented by Bosch, where the system has the code name “i-dos”, but also Miele where it is called “Twin Dos”. What exactly does it do?

 At the same time, in addition to the whole issue of economy and carelessness offered by these systems, choosing the best possible washing conditions, they offer better results in dealing with stains and in the overall efficiency of washing at all levels, ensuring more than more time. for yourself and cleaner clothes.

 What else should I look out for?

A key parameter that should influence your choice is the capacity of the washing machine that you will choose depending on the needs of your household. So if you have a family with 1 or 2 children, you should definitely choose a model with a capacity of more than 8 kg to fit all the clothes of the family without any problems. If you live alone, or alone, or just a couple, you can make ends meet with a simple 5 or 6 kg washing machine.

It would also be good to buy a washing machine whose energy class allows you to save energy, but also good in the environment, which – now – is relatively easy. The choice is yours!

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