2021 Jaguar E-Pace spied hiding its first facelift

2021 Jaguar E-Pace spied hiding its first facelift

2021 Jaguar E-Pace spied hiding its first facelift

We just spied a Jaguar E-Speed lapping the Nürburgring covered in camouflage from entrance to back again. Jaguar released the 1st E-Rate as a 2018 product calendar year, so we’re speedy approaching what will be the model’s to start with gentle refresh.

Factors really don’t surface to be dramatically changing from an exterior design point of view. The exact same shapes, cutouts and vents are all obvious on the rear fascia and hatch. Even the slick taillights search mostly the exact same as the E-Speed that is on sale now.

If there’s going to be some improve in this crossover, we suspect it’ll be up front where the coverings change from skin-limited camo print to pieces of cloth that absolutely disguise what’s beneath. Two cutouts in the fabric are visible on the aspect air intakes, presumably allowing air to pass via to maintain the E-Pace’s vitals amazing on the Nürburgring. Achievable changes include things like a new grille and front bumper structure, most possible mimicking the frivolously massaged F-Rate front conclude design.

Viewing that Jaguar used most of its time upgrading the F-Pace’s inside, there is a good probability Jaguar is performing the very same with the E-Pace. It is definitely the region that demands the most notice, in particular now that the F-Pace’s interior is so handsome. We’d adore to see Jaguar put as significantly tech and model into its smaller crossover, and this is its likelihood to do that.

Powertrain selections shouldn’t depart considerably from what you can acquire now. There is a P250 packing a 2.-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that’s very good for 246 horsepower. The enhance is the P300 with a much more potent 4-cylinder, boosting output to 296 horsepower. Seeing as the a short while ago redesigned Evoque even now has no motor much more effective than the E-Pace, the Jag will probable carry in excess of these ability units, as well. If anything at all, the E-Tempo will acquire a gentle-hybrid powertrain possibility, which could be what Jaguar is pressure tests on the Nürburgring right listed here.

Jaguar still hasn’t declared the 2021 E-Tempo, so this model could be the refresh. If they are not as considerably along as we guess, it’ll absolutely finish up getting the 2022 E-Rate. Possibly way, an improved E-Rate is not that far out.

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